Chloe S
1. What are the 5 senses of the body? Smell, touch, sight, taste, hearing.
2. What are the 5 sense organs? smell= nose, touch= the body (especially hands), sight= eyes, taste= tastebuds, hearing= ears
3. Pick 2 senses and explain how the sense organ detects that particular sense.
Touch(the body): This is done by the nerve endings in your body sending sensation messages to the brain and this is how we can feel things.
Smell(the nose): The nose is filled with mucose membranes that have smell receptors connected to nerves. The smell receptors and the vapour molecules work together and transmit these sensations to the brain and that is how we are able to smell.

Body Systems
1. Choose 3 of the following systems of the body Digestive,Respiratory,Circulatory,Urinary,Skeletal,Muscular
2. List the names of the different parts of the body involved in the system
3. Explain in detail how each system works. include any diagrams, video clips or links to helpful websites
4. Discuss what effects diet, smoking, or alcohol may have on the system
The Digestive system
The digestive system is made of many differnt organs all some how connected together, starting from your mouth where the food first enters the body, all the way to your anus where unnecessary waste leaves the body.
The organs that make up the digestive system are the mouth, oesphagus, stomech, small intestine, large intestine and the anus. The process of digestion all starts in the mouth where the food is broken down physically (by chewing) and chemically (by the saliva.) After the food has been broken down enough the food is pushed down the oesophagus. The muscles in the oesophagus help the food to get pushed down. The food then enters the stomech. The stomech is like a bag where partly digested food is stored and broken down even more with the acid in the stomech. The food then enters the small intestine where most of the food is digested. That foods goodness then gets absorbed into the blood. The food that can not be absorbed enters through the apendix then goes through the large intestine, where most of the water and salt is removed. Finally the semi- solid food gets stored in the rectum and before it is excreted from the anus. The digestive system is very important and keeping it healthy is crucial!! smoking can cause alcers in the stomech, Alcohol is dangerous to the digestive system if consumed to much, as it can cause internal bleeding, bad acid reflux and puts you at risk of cancerous tumors in the organs.However healthy diets are recommended to keep a healthy digestive system.

This is the process of digestion
process of digestion


Respitory system
The respitory system is the system that allows us breath. It includes your wind pipe, noseway, mouthway, lungs, diaphragm. The airway and oesophagus are seperated by something called the epiglotis.
It is moveable and stops the food from going down the wind pipe. we can breath through both our nose and mouth. oxygen goes to our lungs and gets carried through the body by our blood. the respitory system is very important!!! smoking can cause the lungs to get covered in tar and can make it hard to breath and even cause cancer.


This is a comparisn of a healthy lung to a smokers lung


the skeleton system

The skeletol system includes your bones, cartiledge, muscels and tendants. There are many many bones in the body. your skeleton allows you to move and it gives your body shape and support. One of the most important bones in the body I believe is your skull and your spine as your skull gives your head shape and your spine gives support and also is full of neves that allow the rest of your body to move. If you damage your spine it is very dangerous and can cause you to be paralysed. Fact: you can only be paralysed down wards form where the spine got damaged. Your head is the only part of the body that cant be paralysed.


This is the smallest bone in the body